Steam Wallet Codes (Global)

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Steam Wallet Codes (Global) offer gamers instant access to thousands of games, from Action to Indie and everything in-between by adding credits to their Steam account. You can purchase easily from ourĀ Nepal Ā Gamer Mall store in which we are the official authorized distributor.

With Steam Wallet Codes (Global) you no longer need a credit card on Steam to add funds to your Steam Wallet. It works just like a gift certificate. As a result, you can redeem codes on the Steam platform. After that, you can use it for the purchase of games, software, and any other item you can purchase on the Steam Store.

Entertainment Anywhere
Whether youā€™re on a PC, Mac, Linux box, mobile device, or even your television, you can enjoy the benefits of Steam. Above all, take the fun with Steam Wallet Codes.

How to Purchase Steam Wallet Codes (Global)

  • Go to and search for Steam Wallet Codes
  • Choose your Codes denomination
  • Checkout and select your Payment Method
  • Once payment is done, theĀ  Code you have purchase will be displayed



How To Redeem Steam Wallet Codes

  • Go to HERE and sign in if youĀ  already have steam account. You need to create a Steam account if you do not already have one
  • Once logged into Steam, please enter the unique Wallet code that you received into the ā€œSteam Wallet Codeā€ field
  • Click “Continue” to redeem the credit onto your account. Meanwhile: If you have never used Steam Wallet credit on your account, you may be prompted to enter your current address to determine the correct currency
  • The value of the Steam Wallet code will be added to your account’s Steam Wallet balance. After that, the current available balance will be listed in the upper right-hand corner next to [Your username]’s Account

**This code is redeemed in the Steam wallet account created in any country.

Additional information

Choose Steam Wallet Code From HerešŸ‘‰

5$, 10$, 20$, 25$, 50$, 100$, 200$

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