Free Fire Diamond Topup 110% Promo

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NPR 195.00NPR 2,700.00

Note -110% bonus promo comes only one time in one player id.



Free Fire diamond is a virtual currency that allows you to purchase a weapon, pet, weapon skins, and many more. You can also participate in events or do lucky spin to get those kinds of stuff but it is very difficult to get them while diamond allows you to purchase these things directly and efficiently.


How to Top-up Free Fire Diamond

  • Go to and search for Garena Free Fire Diamond
  • Choose your required Diamond offer (Double bonus offer or 110% Bonus offer or Normal top-up)


( NOTE:-The price may vary according to offer and the information you need to provide us for the top-up also may differ from one another. For eg – for a double offer you need to submit us your UID and for a normal top-up, you need to submit login and password both. In this way, you need to provide different information for a different offer)


  • Select the Diamond denomination
  • Enter your UID or Login ID & Password according to the offer
  • Checkout and select your Payment Method
  • Once payment is done, the Free Fire Diamond you purchased will be credited to your account shortly

How to find Free Fire Player ID:

  • Use your account to login to the game.
  • Click on your avatar in the top-left corner
  • Your Free Fire Player ID will be displayed


Important Notice

  • Please enter the required information i.e Login ID or UID correctly to avoid delay on Diamond top-up

110% bonus promo will come only one time in one player id. If don’t have a bonus in your id then only a 10% bonus will come.

Additional information

Choose Diamond💎 From Here👉

100+110(Bonus), 210+231(Bonus), 530+583(Bonus), 1080+1188(Bonus), 2200+2420(Bonus)

9 reviews for Free Fire Diamond Topup 110% Promo

  1. suman thapa

    good service

  2. Kieran

    Very nice

  3. Kiran shrestha

    Very nice

  4. Aadarsh Dhakal

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