Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy from Nepal Gamer Mall?

You can purchase different products from our website easily. In order to purchase:-

  • Visit our website
  • Choose and select the product that you want to purchase
  • Complete the checkout process and select your payment method
  • Thats all, after this process you’ll receive your product
How do I pay on Nepal Gamer Mall?

We have the following payment methods through which you can make a payment:

  • Bank deposit
  • eSewa
  • Khalti
  • IME pay/City express/Ime remit
There is only khalti as payment method on website, how do I pay from other payment methods?

We will surely come up with other Payment methods in near future but yes for now there is only khalti as payment method.

But If you want to pay from other medium, we’ve facebook page where you can write us the medium from which you want to make payment and I will provide you the account Information. In this way you can pay from other payment methods .

Our facebook page :-

How can you receive our product?

If your product is digital or downloadable, you’ll receive your products instantly but as far as physical product is concerned, you’ll receive your products within a week.

How can I do Intenational payment where there is no khalti ,eSewa or Ime pay options?

If you are outside Nepal and you want to buy product from our website then, we can pay through IME express and Prabhu Express.

For the account number in which we should pay , you should communicate with us in our Facebook Page and We’ll provide you account Details.

Our Facebook Page:-

Ho do I topup Balance to NGM Wallet

You can  top-up balance to NGM wallet with eSewa or khalti by yourself.

But if are are having hard time to top-up balance in NGM wallet, don’t worry we’ll do it for you. For that you need to communicate with us in our facebook page and Pay us the particular amount that you want to top-up in NGM Wallet and we’ll topup it for you.

For more information

Our facebook  page :-

How do I or what are the criteria to get discount code?

Discount copoun code is a special code that helps you to get discount in our products. We provide discount coupoun codes on weekly or montly basis to those who have the maxium number of purchase from our website.

The more you buy products from our website ,the more chances of receiving discount coupoun code.

What are the differences between purchasing from our website and from facebook?

Buying from Facebook is more traditional and manual kind of shopping. To buy from facebook, simply contact with us in our facebook and we’ll provide you all the process and payment details . In this way you can buy from facebook in easy way. You do not get any kinds of discount by buying from facebook.

On the other hand, buying from website is the modern shopping way. For that you just need to visit our website and choose the product you want to buy , complete the payment process and purchase it. You’ll get discount code , bonus offer and many more other offer in buying from websites.


Contact: 9807058258 | 9881331432
Viber/WhatsApp : +977-9807058258
Website Support: +977-9881331432



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